Being a Genealogist - Introduction

The purpose of this series is to record my approach to Genealogy research, and consolidate much of my knowledge in a written form, all in one place. It will include a summary of my professional learning, my experiences as an active researcher, and commentary about my own methods, how I use the Internet and research libraries. I will include my extensive Internet links, although not sure exactly how and where yet.

My approach to genealogy research and recording is rather pragmatic. I have one, maybe two decades left on this earth, and have far more work I want to do than I can possibly accomplish. My priorities are to continue my research areas, documenting information I can reasonably prove, leave my records in a way that another person or Society might be able to follow, and find secure succession paths for each main family lines. This, plus my programming and family interests.

The following links will take you to several major sections, which in turn have further sub-sections and more detail.

Genealogy Methodology

  • Getting started
  • Organising
  • Strategies
  • Searching and recording
  • Proof
  • Being professional



Sources and documentation


Genealogy On-line

Local research

  • South Australia
  • Other Australia
  • England
  • other Europe

History of genealogy


Document care and preservation

Photographs and photography


One name studies

Social media:

  •   Facebook groups and own Timeline
  •   LinkedIn
  •   Email groups

Community involvement

Major search websites

  • Findmypast
  • Ancestry
  • Family Search

Links to resources

(South Australia, other Australia, England, other Europe)