Wendron, Cornwall, England


Latitude: 50.1312962, Longitude: -5.2513315


Matches 1 to 188 of 188

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ?, Catherine  1734Wendron, Cornwall, England I5349
2 CADDY, Mary  1769Wendron, Cornwall, England I5362
3 JOHN, Christian  1570Wendron, Cornwall, England I5317
4 MOYLE, Anne  1744Wendron, Cornwall, England I2618
5 PASCOE, Ann  1803Wendron, Cornwall, England I1259
6 PASCOE, Elizabeth  1805Wendron, Cornwall, England I6311
7 PASCOE, Martha  1797Wendron, Cornwall, England I6314
8 PASCOE, Sally  1811Wendron, Cornwall, England I6312
9 PASCOE, William  1808Wendron, Cornwall, England I6313
10 PASKOE, Johanna  1609Wendron, Cornwall, England I5330
11 REED, Jane  1744Wendron, Cornwall, England I4437
12 REED, Richard  1655Wendron, Cornwall, England I4438
13 ROWE, Abednego  1772Wendron, Cornwall, England I2621
14 ROWE, Anne  1780Wendron, Cornwall, England I2624
15 ROWE, John  1774Wendron, Cornwall, England I2622
16 ROWE, John  1778Wendron, Cornwall, England I2623
17 ROWE, Penelope  1775Wendron, Cornwall, England I2616
18 ROWE, Richard  1786Wendron, Cornwall, England I2627
19 ROWE, Walter  1784Wendron, Cornwall, England I2626
20 ROWE, William  1783Wendron, Cornwall, England I2625
21 SYMONS, Jane  1628Wendron, Cornwall, England I5293
22 TRELOAR, Amos  1716Wendron, Cornwall, England I5291
23 TRELOAR, Ann  1721Wendron, Cornwall, England I5487
24 TRELOAR, Ann  1743Wendron, Cornwall, England I5438
25 TRELOAR, Ann  1831Wendron, Cornwall, England I1001
26 TRELOAR, Anne  1687Wendron, Cornwall, England I5339
27 TRELOAR, Anne  1773Wendron, Cornwall, England I5559
28 TRELOAR, Athansius  1663Wendron, Cornwall, England I5302
29 TRELOAR, Benedict  1581Wendron, Cornwall, England I5304
30 TRELOAR, Benjamin  1703Wendron, Cornwall, England I5345
31 TRELOAR, Benjamin  1757Wendron, Cornwall, England I5501
32 TRELOAR, Benjamin  1769Wendron, Cornwall, England I5273
33 TRELOAR, Benjamin  1770Wendron, Cornwall, England I2615
34 TRELOAR, Bennet  1649Wendron, Cornwall, England I5294
35 TRELOAR, Bennet  1698Wendron, Cornwall, England I5343
36 TRELOAR, Bennet  1713Wendron, Cornwall, England I4449
37 TRELOAR, Bennet  1731Wendron, Cornwall, England I5491
38 TRELOAR, Bennet  1754Wendron, Cornwall, England I5442
39 TRELOAR, Bennet  1769Wendron, Cornwall, England I5355
40 TRELOAR, Bennet  1771Wendron, Cornwall, England I5448
41 TRELOAR, Bennet  1834Wendron, Cornwall, England I1264
42 TRELOAR, Bennett  1742Wendron, Cornwall, England I4436
43 TRELOAR, Catherine  1781Wendron, Cornwall, England I5359
44 TRELOAR, Daniel  1700Wendron, Cornwall, England I5344
45 TRELOAR, Daniel  1733Wendron, Cornwall, England I5494
46 TRELOAR, Daniel  1738Wendron, Cornwall, England I5351
47 TRELOAR, Daniel  1738Wendron, Cornwall, England I5492
48 TRELOAR, Daniel  1766Wendron, Cornwall, England I5353
49 TRELOAR, Daniel  20 Jun 1802Wendron, Cornwall, England I5365
50 TRELOAR, Dorothy  1735Wendron, Cornwall, England I5350
51 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  1702Wendron, Cornwall, England I5434
52 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  1756Wendron, Cornwall, England I5500
53 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  1778Wendron, Cornwall, England I5357
54 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  1802Wendron, Cornwall, England I5364
55 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  1806Wendron, Cornwall, England I5477
56 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  1840Wendron, Cornwall, England I5371
57 TRELOAR, Florence  1784Wendron, Cornwall, England I5360
58 TRELOAR, Francis  1705Wendron, Cornwall, England I5346
59 TRELOAR, Grace  1622Wendron, Cornwall, England I5311
60 TRELOAR, Grace  1774Wendron, Cornwall, England I5560
61 TRELOAR, Grace  1813Wendron, Cornwall, England I5573
62 TRELOAR, Grace Jenkin  2 Dec 1833Wendron, Cornwall, England I5463
63 TRELOAR, Henry  1607Wendron, Cornwall, England I5307
64 TRELOAR, Henry  1660Wendron, Cornwall, England I5300
65 TRELOAR, Henry  1747Wendron, Cornwall, England I5498
66 TRELOAR, Henry  1750Wendron, Cornwall, England I5286
67 TRELOAR, Henry  1775Wendron, Cornwall, England I5449
68 TRELOAR, Henry  1782Wendron, Cornwall, England I5563
69 TRELOAR, Henry  1797Wendron, Cornwall, England I5455
70 TRELOAR, Henry  18 Oct 1825Wendron, Cornwall, England I5459
71 TRELOAR, Henry  1828Wendron, Cornwall, England I5481
72 TRELOAR, Henry  Dec 1846Wendron, Cornwall, England I5374
73 TRELOAR, James  1666Wendron, Cornwall, England I5288
74 TRELOAR, James  1700Wendron, Cornwall, England I5432
75 TRELOAR, James  1744Wendron, Cornwall, England I5497
76 TRELOAR, James  1749Wendron, Cornwall, England I5440
77 TRELOAR, James  1768Wendron, Cornwall, England I5447
78 TRELOAR, James  1773Wendron, Cornwall, England I5356
79 TRELOAR, James  1775Wendron, Cornwall, England I5275
80 TRELOAR, James  12 Apr 1820Wendron, Cornwall, England I5576
81 TRELOAR, James  1839Wendron, Cornwall, England I5466
82 TRELOAR, James Caddy  1809Wendron, Cornwall, England I5367
83 TRELOAR, James Caddy  1837Wendron, Cornwall, England I5370
84 TRELOAR, Jane  1617Wendron, Cornwall, England I5329
85 TRELOAR, Jane  1638Wendron, Cornwall, England I5333
86 TRELOAR, Jane  1655Wendron, Cornwall, England I5297
87 TRELOAR, Jane  1659Wendron, Cornwall, England I5299
88 TRELOAR, Jane  1697Wendron, Cornwall, England I5431
89 TRELOAR, Jane  1799Wendron, Cornwall, England I5456
90 TRELOAR, Jenipher  31 Aug 1777Wendron, Cornwall, England I5561
91 TRELOAR, Jeremiah  1834Wendron, Cornwall, England I5464
92 TRELOAR, Joan  1611Wendron, Cornwall, England I5324
93 TRELOAR, John  1602Wendron, Cornwall, England I5320
94 TRELOAR, John  1612Wendron, Cornwall, England I5327
95 TRELOAR, John  1651Wendron, Cornwall, England I5295
96 TRELOAR, John  1686Wendron, Cornwall, England I5338
97 TRELOAR, John  1723Wendron, Cornwall, England I5488
98 TRELOAR, John  1739Wendron, Cornwall, England I5437
99 TRELOAR, John  1766Wendron, Cornwall, England I5446
100 TRELOAR, John  1768Wendron, Cornwall, England I5354
101 TRELOAR, John  May 1773Wendron, Cornwall, England I5274
102 TRELOAR, John  1787Wendron, Cornwall, England I5565
103 TRELOAR, John  1810Wendron, Cornwall, England I5571
104 TRELOAR, John  1823Wendron, Cornwall, England I5480
105 TRELOAR, John  1827Wendron, Cornwall, England I1261
106 TRELOAR, John Jenkin  16 Aug 1827Wendron, Cornwall, England I5460
107 TRELOAR, Josiah  1829Wendron, Cornwall, England I5461
108 TRELOAR, Loveday  1785Wendron, Cornwall, England I5281
109 TRELOAR, Margaret  1611Wendron, Cornwall, England I5326
110 TRELOAR, Margery  1811Wendron, Cornwall, England I5572
111 TRELOAR, Martha  1689Wendron, Cornwall, England I5340
112 TRELOAR, Martha  1785Wendron, Cornwall, England I5564
113 TRELOAR, Martha  1824Wendron, Cornwall, England I5458
114 TRELOAR, Mary  1609Wendron, Cornwall, England I5308
115 TRELOAR, Mary  1616Wendron, Cornwall, England I5309
116 TRELOAR, Mary  1636Wendron, Cornwall, England I5331
117 TRELOAR, Mary  1662Wendron, Cornwall, England I5301
118 TRELOAR, Mary  1665Wendron, Cornwall, England I5303
119 TRELOAR, Mary  1690Wendron, Cornwall, England I5341
120 TRELOAR, Mary  1735Wendron, Cornwall, England I5493
121 TRELOAR, Mary  1740Wendron, Cornwall, England I5283
122 TRELOAR, Mary  1740Wendron, Cornwall, England I5495
123 TRELOAR, Mary  1746Wendron, Cornwall, England I5439
124 TRELOAR, mary  1757Wendron, Cornwall, England I5443
125 TRELOAR, Mary  1785Wendron, Cornwall, England I5453
126 TRELOAR, Mary  1788Wendron, Cornwall, England I5361
127 TRELOAR, Mary  1806Wendron, Cornwall, England I5366
128 TRELOAR, Mary  1815Wendron, Cornwall, England I5574
129 TRELOAR, Mary  1844Wendron, Cornwall, England I5373
130 TRELOAR, Norah  1638Wendron, Cornwall, England I5332
131 TRELOAR, Patience  1644Wendron, Cornwall, England I5335
132 TRELOAR, Priscilla  1808Wendron, Cornwall, England I5570
133 TRELOAR, Ralph  1608Wendron, Cornwall, England I5323
134 TRELOAR, Ralph  1618Wendron, Cornwall, England I5292
135 TRELOAR, Ralph  1656Wendron, Cornwall, England I5298
136 TRELOAR, Rebecca  1729Wendron, Cornwall, England I5490
137 TRELOAR, Samuel  1777Wendron, Cornwall, England I5450
138 TRELOAR, Samuel  1782Wendron, Cornwall, England I5452
139 TRELOAR, Solomon  1786Wendron, Cornwall, England I5282
140 TRELOAR, Tamsin  1640Wendron, Cornwall, England I5334
141 TRELOAR, Thomas  1606Wendron, Cornwall, England I5306
142 TRELOAR, Thomas  1653Wendron, Cornwall, England I5336
143 TRELOAR, Thomas  1695Wendron, Cornwall, England I5342
144 TRELOAR, Thomas  1711Wendron, Cornwall, England I5290
145 TRELOAR, Thomas  1725Wendron, Cornwall, England I5489
146 TRELOAR, Thomas  1734Wendron, Cornwall, England I5436
147 TRELOAR, Thomas  1765Wendron, Cornwall, England I5445
148 TRELOAR, Thomas  1777Wendron, Cornwall, England I5276
149 TRELOAR, Thomas  1778Wendron, Cornwall, England I5358
150 TRELOAR, Thomas  1779Wendron, Cornwall, England I5562
151 TRELOAR, Thomas  1789Wendron, Cornwall, England I5566
152 TRELOAR, Thomas  1815Wendron, Cornwall, England I5368
153 TRELOAR, Thomas  1816Wendron, Cornwall, England I5479
154 TRELOAR, Thomas  1829Wendron, Cornwall, England I1262
155 TRELOAR, Thomas  1831Wendron, Cornwall, England I5462
156 TRELOAR, Thomasin  1779Wendron, Cornwall, England I5451
157 TRELOAR, Wearne  1593Wendron, Cornwall, England I5318
158 TRELOAR, Wearne  1614Wendron, Cornwall, England I5328
159 TRELOAR, William  1700Wendron, Cornwall, England I5433
160 TRELOAR, William  1742Wendron, Cornwall, England I5496
161 TRELOAR, William  1748Wendron, Cornwall, England I5285
162 TRELOAR, William  1752Wendron, Cornwall, England I5441
163 TRELOAR, William  1792Wendron, Cornwall, England I5567
164 TRELOAR, William  1799Wendron, Cornwall, England I5363
165 TRELOAR, William  1800Wendron, Cornwall, England I1258
166 TRELOAR, William  1814Wendron, Cornwall, England I5478
167 TRELOAR, William  1816Wendron, Cornwall, England I5575
168 TRELOAR, William  1825Wendron, Cornwall, England I1260
169 TRELOAR, William  Mar 1842Wendron, Cornwall, England I5372
170 TRELOWARTH, Agnes  1577Wendron, Cornwall, England I5419
171 TRELOWARTH, Arthur  1588Wendron, Cornwall, England I5426
172 TRELOWARTH, Beatrice  1567Wendron, Cornwall, England I5315
173 TRELOWARTH, John  1570Wendron, Cornwall, England I5316
174 TRELOWARTH, John  1598Wendron, Cornwall, England I5321
175 TRELOWARTH, Mary  1590Wendron, Cornwall, England I5427
176 TRELOWARTH, Mary  1604Wendron, Cornwall, England I5322
177 TRELOWARTH, Nicholas  1582Wendron, Cornwall, England I5422
178 TRELOWARTH, Richard  1587Wendron, Cornwall, England I5425
179 TRELOWARTH, Richard  1587Wendron, Cornwall, England I5429
180 TRELOWARTH, Robert  1552Wendron, Cornwall, England I5314
181 TRELOWARTH, Robert  1585Wendron, Cornwall, England I5423
182 TRELOWARTH, Stephen  1579Wendron, Cornwall, England I5420
183 TRELOWARTH, Thomas  1581Wendron, Cornwall, England I5421
184 TRELOWARTH, Thomas  1595Wendron, Cornwall, England I5319
185 TRELOWARTH, Wearne  1532Wendron, Cornwall, England I5312
186 TRELOWARTH, Wearne  1573Wendron, Cornwall, England I5417
187 TRELOWARTH, Wearne  1586Wendron, Cornwall, England I5424
188 WEARNE, Mary  1712Wendron, Cornwall, England I5435


Matches 1 to 121 of 121

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 CADDY, Mary  6 Aug 1769Wendron, Cornwall, England I5362
2 MOYLE, Anne  13 May 1744Wendron, Cornwall, England I2618
3 PASCOE, Ann  11 Apr 1803Wendron, Cornwall, England I1259
4 PASCOE, Elizabeth  13 May 1805Wendron, Cornwall, England I6311
5 PASCOE, Martha  8 Oct 1797Wendron, Cornwall, England I6314
6 PASCOE, Sally  7 Jul 1811Wendron, Cornwall, England I6312
7 PASCOE, William  27 Sep 1808Wendron, Cornwall, England I6313
8 ROWE, Abednego  2 Sep 1772Wendron, Cornwall, England I2621
9 ROWE, Anne  9 Apr 1780Wendron, Cornwall, England I2624
10 ROWE, John  16 Jan 1774Wendron, Cornwall, England I2622
11 ROWE, John  8 May 1778Wendron, Cornwall, England I2623
12 ROWE, Penelope  6 Nov 1775Wendron, Cornwall, England I2616
13 ROWE, Richard  26 Dec 1786Wendron, Cornwall, England I2627
14 ROWE, Walter  23 May 1784Wendron, Cornwall, England I2626
15 ROWE, William  25 May 1783Wendron, Cornwall, England I2625
16 TRELOAR, Ann  4 Jun 1743Wendron, Cornwall, England I5438
17 TRELOAR, Ann  21 Apr 1831Wendron, Cornwall, England I1001
18 TRELOAR, Anne  11 Jul 1773Wendron, Cornwall, England I5559
19 TRELOAR, Athansius  2 Nov 1663Wendron, Cornwall, England I5302
20 TRELOAR, Benjamin  12 Jun 1757Wendron, Cornwall, England I5501
21 TRELOAR, Benjamin  20 Jun 1769Wendron, Cornwall, England I5273
22 TRELOAR, Benjamin  28 Oct 1770Wendron, Cornwall, England I2615
23 TRELOAR, Bennet  12 Sep 1698Wendron, Cornwall, England I5343
24 TRELOAR, Bennet  22 Oct 1713Wendron, Cornwall, England I4449
25 TRELOAR, Bennet  27 Oct 1754Wendron, Cornwall, England I5442
26 TRELOAR, Bennet  4 Jun 1771Wendron, Cornwall, England I5448
27 TRELOAR, Bennet  4 Oct 1836Wendron, Cornwall, England I1264
28 TRELOAR, Bennett  9 Jan 1743Wendron, Cornwall, England I4436
29 TRELOAR, Catherine  7 May 1781Wendron, Cornwall, England I5359
30 TRELOAR, Daniel  25 Apr 1738Wendron, Cornwall, England I5492
31 TRELOAR, Daniel  10 Jan 1739Wendron, Cornwall, England I5351
32 TRELOAR, Daniel  30 Nov 1766Wendron, Cornwall, England I5353
33 TRELOAR, Dorothy  14 Mar 1735Wendron, Cornwall, England I5350
34 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  5 Jan 1702Wendron, Cornwall, England I5434
35 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  25 Apr 1756Wendron, Cornwall, England I5500
36 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  30 Mar 1840Wendron, Cornwall, England I5371
37 TRELOAR, Florence  4 Aug 1784Wendron, Cornwall, England I5360
38 TRELOAR, Francis  17 Jul 1705Wendron, Cornwall, England I5346
39 TRELOAR, Grace  14 Jul 1622Wendron, Cornwall, England I5311
40 TRELOAR, Grace  6 Jan 1775Wendron, Cornwall, England I5560
41 TRELOAR, Henry  6 Mar 1660Wendron, Cornwall, England I5300
42 TRELOAR, Henry  28 Jun 1747Wendron, Cornwall, England I5498
43 TRELOAR, Henry  4 Jun 1775Wendron, Cornwall, England I5449
44 TRELOAR, Henry  22 Feb 1782Wendron, Cornwall, England I5563
45 TRELOAR, Henry  30 Nov 1797Wendron, Cornwall, England I5455
46 TRELOAR, Henry  30 Oct 1825Wendron, Cornwall, England I5459
47 TRELOAR, Henry  7 Feb 1847Wendron, Cornwall, England I5374
48 TRELOAR, James  1 Nov 1749Wendron, Cornwall, England I5440
49 TRELOAR, James  13 Nov 1768Wendron, Cornwall, England I5447
50 TRELOAR, James  21 Feb 1773Wendron, Cornwall, England I5356
51 TRELOAR, James  25 Jun 1775Wendron, Cornwall, England I5275
52 TRELOAR, James  4 Nov 1839Wendron, Cornwall, England I5466
53 TRELOAR, James Caddy  26 Nov 1809Wendron, Cornwall, England I5367
54 TRELOAR, James Caddy  7 Jan 1838Wendron, Cornwall, England I5370
55 TRELOAR, Jane  8 Mar 1617Wendron, Cornwall, England I5329
56 TRELOAR, Jane  5 Jan 1639Wendron, Cornwall, England I5333
57 TRELOAR, Jane  16 Nov 1655Wendron, Cornwall, England I5297
58 TRELOAR, Jane  19 May 1659Wendron, Cornwall, England I5299
59 TRELOAR, Jane  15 Aug 1697Wendron, Cornwall, England I5431
60 TRELOAR, Jane  7 Jul 1799Wendron, Cornwall, England I5456
61 TRELOAR, Jeremiah  18 Dec 1836Wendron, Cornwall, England I5464
62 TRELOAR, Joan  19 Apr 1611Wendron, Cornwall, England I5324
63 TRELOAR, John  29 May 1739Wendron, Cornwall, England I5437
64 TRELOAR, John  9 Nov 1766Wendron, Cornwall, England I5446
65 TRELOAR, John  23 May 1773Wendron, Cornwall, England I5274
66 TRELOAR, John  10 Jun 1787Wendron, Cornwall, England I5565
67 TRELOAR, John  25 Mar 1827Wendron, Cornwall, England I1261
68 TRELOAR, Josiah  15 Nov 1829Wendron, Cornwall, England I5461
69 TRELOAR, Loveday  23 Sep 1785Wendron, Cornwall, England I5281
70 TRELOAR, Margaret  13 Jul 1612Wendron, Cornwall, England I5326
71 TRELOAR, Martha  12 Jun 1689Wendron, Cornwall, England I5340
72 TRELOAR, Martha  25 Apr 1824Wendron, Cornwall, England I5458
73 TRELOAR, Mary  12 Feb 1609Wendron, Cornwall, England I5308
74 TRELOAR, Mary  8 Sep 1616Wendron, Cornwall, England I5309
75 TRELOAR, Mary  1636Wendron, Cornwall, England I5331
76 TRELOAR, Mary  4 Oct 1662Wendron, Cornwall, England I5301
77 TRELOAR, Mary  16 Jul 1665Wendron, Cornwall, England I5303
78 TRELOAR, Mary  1 Jan 1691Wendron, Cornwall, England I5341
79 TRELOAR, Mary  13 Apr 1735Wendron, Cornwall, England I5493
80 TRELOAR, Mary  29 Jun 1740Wendron, Cornwall, England I5495
81 TRELOAR, Mary  22 Feb 1746Wendron, Cornwall, England I5439
82 TRELOAR, mary  1 Nov 1757Wendron, Cornwall, England I5443
83 TRELOAR, Mary  30 Oct 1785Wendron, Cornwall, England I5453
84 TRELOAR, Mary  28 Aug 1788Wendron, Cornwall, England I5361
85 TRELOAR, Mary  14 May 1815Wendron, Cornwall, England I5574
86 TRELOAR, Mary  23 Jul 1848Wendron, Cornwall, England I5373
87 TRELOAR, Norah  12 Dec 1638Wendron, Cornwall, England I5332
88 TRELOAR, Ralph  4 May 1618Wendron, Cornwall, England I5292
89 TRELOAR, Rebecca  6 Jan 1729Wendron, Cornwall, England I5490
90 TRELOAR, Samuel  13 Jul 1777Wendron, Cornwall, England I5450
91 TRELOAR, Tamsin  30 Jan 1641Wendron, Cornwall, England I5334
92 TRELOAR, Thomas  10 Apr 1606Wendron, Cornwall, England I5306
93 TRELOAR, Thomas  19 Feb 1653Wendron, Cornwall, England I5336
94 TRELOAR, Thomas  21 Jul 1695Wendron, Cornwall, England I5342
95 TRELOAR, Thomas  21 Nov 1734Wendron, Cornwall, England I5436
96 TRELOAR, Thomas  14 Sep 1777Wendron, Cornwall, England I5276
97 TRELOAR, Thomas  18 May 1778Wendron, Cornwall, England I5358
98 TRELOAR, Thomas  5 Jul 1789Wendron, Cornwall, England I5566
99 TRELOAR, Thomas  18 May 1815Wendron, Cornwall, England I5368
100 TRELOAR, Thomas  23 Jun 1816Wendron, Cornwall, England I5479
101 TRELOAR, Thomas  28 Apr 1829Wendron, Cornwall, England I1262
102 TRELOAR, Thomas  8 Jan 1832Wendron, Cornwall, England I5462
103 TRELOAR, Thomasin  21 Mar 1779Wendron, Cornwall, England I5451
104 TRELOAR, Wearne  5 Apr 1616Wendron, Cornwall, England I5328
105 TRELOAR, William  6 Nov 1748Wendron, Cornwall, England I5285
106 TRELOAR, William  3 May 1752Wendron, Cornwall, England I5441
107 TRELOAR, William  13 Dec 1799Wendron, Cornwall, England I5363
108 TRELOAR, William  17 Mar 1800Wendron, Cornwall, England I1258
109 TRELOAR, William  13 Mar 1814Wendron, Cornwall, England I5478
110 TRELOAR, William  12 Jan 1817Wendron, Cornwall, England I5575
111 TRELOAR, William  7 Aug 1825Wendron, Cornwall, England I1260
112 TRELOAR, William  24 Mar 1842Wendron, Cornwall, England I5372
113 TRELOWARTH, Arthur  19 Dec 1588Wendron, Cornwall, England I5426
114 TRELOWARTH, John  18 Aug 1598Wendron, Cornwall, England I5321
115 TRELOWARTH, Mary  12 Feb 1604Wendron, Cornwall, England I5322
116 TRELOWARTH, Richard  17 Feb 1587Wendron, Cornwall, England I5429
117 TRELOWARTH, Richard  1 Apr 1587Wendron, Cornwall, England I5425
118 TRELOWARTH, Robert  8 Nov 1585Wendron, Cornwall, England I5423
119 TRELOWARTH, Stephen  26 Dec 1579Wendron, Cornwall, England I5420
120 TRELOWARTH, Thomas  22 Feb 1595Wendron, Cornwall, England I5319
121 TRELOWARTH, Wearne  6 Mar 1586Wendron, Cornwall, England I5424


Matches 1 to 76 of 76

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BODEN, Jois  28 Sep 1707Wendron, Cornwall, England I5430
2 CADDY, Mary  17 Mar 1820Wendron, Cornwall, England I5362
3 JEFFRY, Ann  26 Nov 1705Wendron, Cornwall, England I5337
4 JOHN, Alice  26 Jan 1603Wendron, Cornwall, England I5418
5 JOHN, Christian  9 Jun 1638Wendron, Cornwall, England I5317
6 PASCOE, Ann  21 Feb 1750Wendron, Cornwall, England I5486
7 PASKOE, Johanna  1647Wendron, Cornwall, England I5330
8 REED, Jane  9 May 1820Wendron, Cornwall, England I4437
9 REMFRY, Grace  10 Feb 1837Wendron, Cornwall, England I5558
10 ROBERTS, Blandinah  23 Sep 1795Wendron, Cornwall, England I5444
11 SYMONS, Jane  1669Wendron, Cornwall, England I5293
12 TOCKER, Loveday  Jan 1820Wendron, Cornwall, England I5502
13 TRELOAR, Anne  12 Dec 1747Wendron, Cornwall, England I5339
14 TRELOAR, Benedict  1 Jul 1628Wendron, Cornwall, England I5304
15 TRELOAR, Benjamin  3 Dec 1744Wendron, Cornwall, England I5345
16 TRELOAR, Benjamin  28 Jun 1769Wendron, Cornwall, England I5273
17 TRELOAR, Bennet  1 Jul 1620Wendron, Cornwall, England I5310
18 TRELOAR, Bennet  27 Jun 1761Wendron, Cornwall, England I4449
19 TRELOAR, Bennet  28 Jun 1761Wendron, Cornwall, England I5343
20 TRELOAR, Bennet  1 May 1772Wendron, Cornwall, England I5448
21 TRELOAR, Bennett  1825Wendron, Cornwall, England I4436
22 TRELOAR, Daniel  19 Dec 1794Wendron, Cornwall, England I5351
23 TRELOAR, Daniel  10 Nov 1800Wendron, Cornwall, England I5492
24 TRELOAR, Daniel  10 Nov 1800Wendron, Cornwall, England I5494
25 TRELOAR, Daniel  19 Feb 1823Wendron, Cornwall, England I5353
26 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  18 Nov 1845Wendron, Cornwall, England I5371
27 TRELOAR, Elizabeth  1850Wendron, Cornwall, England I5357
28 TRELOAR, Francis  18 Aug 1705Wendron, Cornwall, England I5346
29 TRELOAR, Henry  Jun 1608Wendron, Cornwall, England I5307
30 TRELOAR, Henry  14 Jul 1682Wendron, Cornwall, England I5300
31 TRELOAR, Henry  27 Jan 1802Wendron, Cornwall, England I5286
32 TRELOAR, Henry  27 Mar 1804Wendron, Cornwall, England I5498
33 TRELOAR, Henry  18 Jul 1831Wendron, Cornwall, England I5449
34 TRELOAR, Henry  26 May 1862Wendron, Cornwall, England I5563
35 TRELOAR, James  14 Oct 1720Wendron, Cornwall, England I5288
36 TRELOAR, James  8 Jan 1824Wendron, Cornwall, England I5497
37 TRELOAR, James  10 Mar 1836Wendron, Cornwall, England I5356
38 TRELOAR, James  28 Aug 1842Wendron, Cornwall, England I5466
39 TRELOAR, Jane  31 Dec 1655Wendron, Cornwall, England I5297
40 TRELOAR, Jenipher  22 Apr 1801Wendron, Cornwall, England I5474
41 TRELOAR, John  Oct 1659Wendron, Cornwall, England I5320
42 TRELOAR, John  18 Apr 1685Wendron, Cornwall, England I5327
43 TRELOAR, John  12 Dec 1747Wendron, Cornwall, England I5338
44 TRELOAR, John  29 Sep 1786Wendron, Cornwall, England I5488
45 TRELOAR, John  5 Feb 1788Wendron, Cornwall, England I5274
46 TRELOAR, John  10 Sep 1820Wendron, Cornwall, England I5354
47 TRELOAR, Mary  May 1614Wendron, Cornwall, England I5308
48 TRELOAR, Mary  1665Wendron, Cornwall, England I5301
49 TRELOAR, Mary  13 Oct 1737Wendron, Cornwall, England I5493
50 TRELOAR, Mary  5 Jun 1755Wendron, Cornwall, England I5439
51 TRELOAR, mary  1 May 1762Wendron, Cornwall, England I5443
52 TRELOAR, Norah  2 Feb 1639Wendron, Cornwall, England I5332
53 TRELOAR, Ralph  Jan 1644Wendron, Cornwall, England I5323
54 TRELOAR, Ralph  11 Dec 1667Wendron, Cornwall, England I5292
55 TRELOAR, Ralph  20 Sep 1692Wendron, Cornwall, England I5298
56 TRELOAR, Samuel  13 May 1778Wendron, Cornwall, England I5450
57 TRELOAR, Thomas  1705Wendron, Cornwall, England I5336
58 TRELOAR, Thomas  Dec 1746Wendron, Cornwall, England I5342
59 TRELOAR, Thomas  2 May 1779Wendron, Cornwall, England I5489
60 TRELOAR, Thomas  20 Dec 1790Wendron, Cornwall, England I5276
61 TRELOAR, Thomas  5 Aug 1791Wendron, Cornwall, England I5566
62 TRELOAR, Thomas  1 Sep 1791Wendron, Cornwall, England I5436
63 TRELOAR, Thomas  21 Nov 1814Wendron, Cornwall, England I5445
64 TRELOAR, Wearne  Jul 1621Wendron, Cornwall, England I5318
65 TRELOAR, William  Jun 1810Wendron, Cornwall, England I5496
66 TRELOWARTH, John  1602Wendron, Cornwall, England I5321
67 TRELOWARTH, John  Nov 1614Wendron, Cornwall, England I5316
68 TRELOWARTH, Mary  16 Mar 1592Wendron, Cornwall, England I5427
69 TRELOWARTH, Nicholas  1 Jan 1588Wendron, Cornwall, England I5422
70 TRELOWARTH, Richard  18 Dec 1588Wendron, Cornwall, England I5429
71 TRELOWARTH, Richard  26 Aug 1643Wendron, Cornwall, England I5425
72 TRELOWARTH, Robert  1626Wendron, Cornwall, England I5314
73 TRELOWARTH, Thomas  2 Jun 1587Wendron, Cornwall, England I5421
74 TRELOWARTH, Thomas  1626Wendron, Cornwall, England I5319
75 TRELOWARTH, Wearne  12 Jun 1575Wendron, Cornwall, England I5417
76 TRELOWARTH, Wearne  Mar 1585Wendron, Cornwall, England I5312


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 CADDY, Mary  19 Mar 1820Wendron, Cornwall, England I5362
2 TOCKER, Loveday  3 Jan 1820Wendron, Cornwall, England I5502
3 TRELOAR, Ann  25 Sep 1835Wendron, Cornwall, England I5438
4 TRELOAR, Benjamin  5 Dec 1744Wendron, Cornwall, England I5345
5 TRELOAR, Benjamin  4 Sep 1839Wendron, Cornwall, England I2615
6 TRELOAR, Bennet  28 Jun 1761Wendron, Cornwall, England I4449
7 TRELOAR, Bennett  12 Oct 1825Wendron, Cornwall, England I4436
8 TRELOAR, Daniel  11 Nov 1800Wendron, Cornwall, England I5492
9 TRELOAR, Daniel  11 Nov 1800Wendron, Cornwall, England I5494
10 TRELOAR, Henry  18 Jun 1608Wendron, Cornwall, England I5307
11 TRELOAR, Henry  28 Mar 1804Wendron, Cornwall, England I5498
12 TRELOAR, Henry  19 Jul 1831Wendron, Cornwall, England I5449
13 TRELOAR, James  11 Jan 1824Wendron, Cornwall, England I5497
14 TRELOAR, James  13 Mar 1836Wendron, Cornwall, England I5356
15 TRELOAR, James  19 Dec 1848Wendron, Cornwall, England I5275
16 TRELOAR, John  19 Apr 1685Wendron, Cornwall, England I5327
17 TRELOAR, John  14 Dec 1747Wendron, Cornwall, England I5338
18 TRELOAR, Mary  9 May 1614Wendron, Cornwall, England I5308
19 TRELOAR, Ralph  10 Jan 1644Wendron, Cornwall, England I5323
20 TRELOAR, Ralph  12 Dec 1667Wendron, Cornwall, England I5292
21 TRELOAR, Thomas  2 Aug 1705Wendron, Cornwall, England I5336
22 TRELOAR, Thomas  14 Dec 1746Wendron, Cornwall, England I5342
23 TRELOAR, Thomas  2 Sep 1791Wendron, Cornwall, England I5436
24 TRELOAR, Wearne  29 Jul 1621Wendron, Cornwall, England I5318
25 TRELOAR, William  24 Jun 1810Wendron, Cornwall, England I5496
26 TRELOWARTH, John  6 Nov 1614Wendron, Cornwall, England I5316
27 TRELOWARTH, Richard  19 Dec 1588Wendron, Cornwall, England I5429
28 TRELOWARTH, Wearne  6 Mar 1585Wendron, Cornwall, England I5312


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MOYLE / BOLITHE  6 May 1848Wendron, Cornwall, England F1805
2 PASCOE / PASCOE  12 Dec 1796Wendron, Cornwall, England F1329
3 ROWE / MOYLE  27 Oct 1771Wendron, Cornwall, England F784
4 TRELOAR / ?   F1596
5 TRELOAR / BODEN  10 Jul 1696Wendron, Cornwall, England F1610
7 TRELOAR / CADDY  1 Dec 1836Wendron, Cornwall, England F1599
9 TRELOAR / GLUVIAS  7 Oct 1739Wendron, Cornwall, England F1324
10 TRELOAR / GRIGG   F1621
11 TRELOAR / JAMES   F1597
13 TRELOAR / JENKIN  26 Oct 1823Wendron, Cornwall, England F1614
14 TRELOAR / PASCOE  18 Apr 1721Wendron, Cornwall, England F1620
15 TRELOAR / PASCOE  19 Apr 1824Wendron, Cornwall, England F380
17 TRELOAR / REED  26 Oct 1766Wendron, Cornwall, England F1319
18 TRELOAR / SYMONS  4 Jul 1648Wendron, Cornwall, England F1588
19 TRELOAR / THOMAS  22 Jan 1605Wendron, Cornwall, England F1589
21 TRELOAR / VIVIAN  21 Oct 1610Wendron, Cornwall, England F1592
22 TRELOAR / WATTS   F1630
23 TRELOAR / WEARNE  15 Oct 1710Wendron, Cornwall, England F1587
25 TRELOWARTH / ?  1572Wendron, Cornwall, England F1607